Jokela Capital is a private investment company searching for growth opportunities. We manage a portfolio including private and listed investments. Jokela Capital is seeking for new investment targets in growth and working capital funding.

Private equity

Jokela Capital is an active owner of small and growing companies. We offer resources and support to build success stories.

Listed investments

Listed investments preset our basis. By listed investments we are looking for long-term capital appreciation with moderate risk. Jokela Capital makes direct investments in developed markets and indirect in emerging markets. We manage our listed investment portfolio in collaboration with external advisors.


Do you want to discuss about investment opportunities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Pasi Koppinen

Group CFO

pasi.koppinen (at) jokelacapital.com

Niclas Catani

Investment Analyst

niclas.catani (at) jokelacapital.com