Rapidly growing rented premises and storages operator in Finland.

Minuntalli offers compact rented premises and storage for businesses and individuals. Minuntalli manages its units from construction to operating stage. The company is actively expanding its footprint and will cover over 10 000 square meters of rentable space at the end of 2018.


Pockethunt combines the best parts of professional headhunting, digital interaction and mobile technology.

Pockethunt is a Finnish startup founded in 2015. The new recruitment application is the shortest route for professionals to get headhunted anonymously, with the help of a virtual headhunter. Pockethunt turns recruitment upside down by mixing it with gamification and adding a twist of fun.


Empore is a Finnish recruitment service, which specializes in sales and marketing, as well as management and expert career recruitments.

Today, clients include various industry leading corporations, growth companies and international listed companies. The high-level of commitment and lean-type methodology in each recruitment process ensures fast and state of the art service quality.

Talli Gym

Talli Gym is developing new standards of gym services.

Talli Gym offers high-quality facilities without tricks for athletes that appreciate flexible solutions. Talli Gym targets the middle segment between discount chains and full-service fitness centers. Sport centers are located in underserved areas with easy accessibility.

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